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Don Bresiger | Owner, Videographer

rev-2-of-41Don has been a professional videographer and editor since 2002 and continues to hone his skills in the ever changing world of video through constant continuing education courses. Don also writes scripts when needed for Reelism’s Video Productions. Don grew up with an 8mm movie camera in his face from a very early age as his father was an avid family historian and film making hobbyist, which rubbed off on Don.



Valerie Bresiger

rev-4-of-4Valerie started her career in video as a wedding videographer in 2002 and was a school teacher for many years. She works closely with the client and the Videographer to produce great videos that tell a story and generate outcomes for Reelism Video’s clients. Valerie also handles most of the photography as it’s needed and has a wealth of knowledge about how best to preserve video, slides and photographs.


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