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Before Taping Tips

  • Electricity – Make sure to have access to Electricity or bring enough batteries for the game.
  • Enough Room – Do You Have Room To Setup Your Tripod?  If not, maybe a monopod would work better.
  • Location to the Sun –  Is your location pointed directly into the sun? If so, find a better place to film the game.
  • Unobstructed Angles – Is there a space specifically for press you could use? If not, find a seat where people won’t be blocking your view of the game.

Camera Setting Tips

Does your camera have a “sports” program mode that selects a high shutter speed to reduce blurring. If so, use this setting. If you don’t have the “sports” program mode then set your camera’s shutter speed relatively high, 1/125 of a second or so depending on your light and the speed of the sport.

After the Game Tips

Don’t forget interview.  Get the players overall impressions and analysis. Get recaps of important plays they made.  If possible, get reactions from fans, coaches, and spectators.

Before Production Tips

  • Digitize Your Photos, Awards, Documents, etc. – You will need digitized  photos and documents to to give to the professional editor to be used throughout the video.  Many professional editors also provide photo and document digitization.
  • Keep all tapes, documents, dvds in one spot – It’s best to give your professional editor all the raw footage and information right up front so they can layout the entire video after looking at it all.

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