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Collect & Preserve


No need to worry, we can help!  Simply provide your media.  We take care of all the details to preserve your precious memories for your enjoyment and generations to come.


Video to DVD

We Do It All!  We will transfer and digitize all obsolete videotape formats to Archival or Professional quality DVDs.  So whether you have VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Mini-DV, BETA Max, or PAL formatted tapes we are your local professional resource.

Videotape to DVD pricing ranges from $10.95-$19.95 per tape (2 hour max)


Slides to DVD

Reelism Home Video has equipment that allows us to transfer your slides to DVDs. Our goal is to transfer the vibrancy and life back into your precious memories and allow you to preserve them for generations!

Color Correction
Did you know that over time the dyes in slide’s film will fade and discolor?  It’s why every slide that we scan will receive FREE automatic color correction to breathe more life into your precious memories.

Resolution Options
Resolution is one of the most important decisions you will make affecting the quality of your finished digital images.  The more dots or pixels in your image, the higher quality it will be and the more options that you will have with the completed image.  Think of it like the megapixels in your digital camera – the higher the megapixels the higher quality your image will be.

9 Megapixels – A high resolution recommended for clients who want to create larger photographs, or want a higher quality image to view on TV, computer, or to share online in larger formats.

18 Megapixels – The highest resolution available for transparent film.  If you want to edit or crop part of your photograph or use it in publications we recommend this resolution level.

Manual Restoration
For our clients that require a greater degree of slide or photo restoration we can manually edited each slide to bring back the details that have been lost to time. This service is quoted on a case by case basis.


Photos to DVD

Why do You Take Pictures?

If you are like most people you take pictures to capture moments and tell stories – to remember….remember loved ones that may not be with us any more…remember birthdays, holidays, times gone by that all goes together into what makes up our life stories.

Are Your Photo’s Losing Color and Clarity?

Photos stored in plastic boxes in a closet or in an old album will lose color and clarity over time. Reelism Home Video can save these precious memories for you by putting them on the highest quality, archival DVD to ensure that your future great grandchildren will be able to see their own past through your camera. The only sure way to preserve these photographs is to digitize them and save them for reprinting for years to come. We can help you organize your photos into viewable shows that will have your whole family wanting more.  Reelism Home Video uses the highest quality Kodak technology to save your photos and arrange them for viewing on your high definition television or device.

Standard photo scanning is $.42-$.75 per photo


Digital Photo Management

Reelism Home Video offers help to our clients to bring order from the chaos of digital pictures and video spread across multiple devices and often multiple family members!    Help is just a phone call away, whether you prefer to Do-It-Yourself, work alongside us, or have us do it all for you.  We offer packages and workshops.

Contact us at (859-240-2134) for a complimentary consultation for your collection. 


Film to DVD

Home Movies shot on 8mm or 16mm film can be digitized using a laser, frame by frame process to enjoy for generations to come.  Reelism Home Video will provide you with chapter markers and optional background music.  Prefer a digital file?  We will deliver on portable drive or electronic hard drive of your choosing.


International Conversions

Video tapes recorded with different international video systems are not compatible with equipment in the USA.  We provide video conversion services that can convert your PAL and SECAM tapes between these different systems.


Audio Conversions

Transfer Outdated Music & Audio Formats to Take a Trip Down Memory Lane!
If you are anything like we are, you have a drawer full of old cassette tapes or vinyl records that you haven’t listened to in years because you now lack to proper equipment to do so.
Reelism Home Video can transfer your outdated music formats to CD so you can enjoy them again.
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