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Ancra International Needed a Video To Help Their Customers Maximize Load-Outs


Ancra International, an international company that services the airline, trucking and military, contacted Reelism Video with a project to produce a training video highlighting their successful line of tractor trailer loading systems called the Lift-a-Deck II Decking system. They needed two video’s that could be used by their customers highlighting the Lift-a-Deck II system’s features, uses, and safety aspects in order to help their customers maximize load-outs on their trailers.

A Cold, Cramped, Bumpy Shoot That Turned Out Great!

The Lift-a-Deck II Decking system is permanently mounted in a trailer. Our shoot would be in a cold, dark and cramped trailer that would move and bounce. We also had the use of the trailer for only 3 days before it went back into service. A script was provided to be used to establish shots that would maximize visually the systems benefits.

We developed a “script to screen” plan from the script Ancra provided.  We shot demonstrations of how to load the trailer and system to maximize load outs. After the shoot was completed and we all thawed out, our voice over talent narrated the video. Four weeks later, two video’s for the two systems were delivered to Ancra International on time and budget.

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