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Testimonial Videos

Adding testimonial or interview videos to  your website, kiosk, or presentation is one of the most affordable ways to build your integrity and gain trust from your prospects and customers. These types of videos are highly effective marketing tools that can  increases traffic to your website, engage prospects, and drive wanted actions.

Put Put your satisfied customers or volunteers into the spotlight, or for an additional fee, choose a professional website actor or narrator from our talent pool.


  • On-Location Productions
  • Experienced Creative Staff
  • Professional HD Video, Lighting and Audio Equipment
  • High-Definition Quality
  • Use of Teleprompter
  • Custom Backdrop
  • Your Company Spokesperson or Hired Talent
  • Creative Directing & Coaching
  • Encoded for Highest Quality Web-Delivery
  • Your Music, or a Selection from Our Library
  • Creative Editing and Simple Animation Enhancements
  • Starting and Ending Title Cards with Your Logo or Artwork
  • Insert/editing of Graphics, Photos, Logos, and/or Other Media Elements
  • Titles, Text, and Bullet Point Creation

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